Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Candidates/ Party personnel cannot be within 200 yards of polling station, but can be inside polling station...

post by Wierdo80 Summary:-

1997: WP and SDP allege that PM and DPMs are inside Cheng San GRC Polling Station, and hence are breaching the Parliamentary Elections Act 2005 (recently): Attornet General says , No because Law only said that pple cannot be within a 200-yard radius outside polling stations, and says nothing about pple other than election officers and police being inside the polling stations.

Portion of Act quoted: [Section 39, Article 4]:-
"the presiding officer shall keep order in his station and shall regulate the number of voters to be admitted a time, and shall exclude all other persons except the polling agent or agents of each candidate, the Returning Officer and persons authorised in writing by the Returning Officer, the police officers on duty and other persons officially employed at the polling station."

Just look at how ridiculous our Justice System is!

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