Sunday, March 09, 2008

Random Updates for the Week

Random stuff:

1. Flickr is turning 4 on 15 Mar. Here is your chance to get your photo printed and put up for display at Flickr's "pin-up" exhibit in San Francisco. (Do this before 12 Mar. Your photo must have a min res of 1500 x 2100 pixel too.)

2. This "horror story" on G-Archiver rocks. If you are a hacker, you got to be smarter too. If you frequently download shareware or freeware apps from "untrusted sources", you have to be more careful. On a side note, I didn't know there is such a cool tool as Reflector.

3. I have been reading Microsoft's "Heros Happen Here" (rss) Comic. I must say I like it.

4. Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest. Oh, and Firefox add-ons developers who are able to achieve Firefox 3 beta 3 compatibility by March 18th are eligible for a Mozilla Add-ons Developer T-shirt.