Friday, April 01, 2005

Email WAR

Just an hour ago, Google raised the stakes for the email war...
Gmail has launched exactly a year ago... on this very date.
People thought Google has joking, on April Fool's Day when they said they would give 1GB. Now, one year on, with Gmail still in beta, Goggle will offer 2 GB.

2GB is EIGHT times the 250MB Hotmail offers (for US customers) and 1000 times the mere 2 MB Hotmail offers for non-US customers.

Currently the display on my Gmail webpage reads
"You are currently using 89 MB (7%) of your 1286 MB"
So.. what is this ... April Fool's joke from Google? [think of the 2007 Google Labs on Mars... from last year's April Fool's]

With the firm leadership and sound management of Dr. Eric E. Schmidt who was previously CEO at Novell, [one of the world's most famous data management and networking solutions company in the world], Google has seen great leaps and bounds in the last few years. As of August 18 2004, the Google IPO rang... by offering 19,605,052 Shares.

Conclusion: Google is certainly a leader in the IT field, setting trends... and its the number one company to watch... like a hawk [remember ?].

Google... on and on...

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