Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yawning Bread

A Singapore blog called Yawning Bread has been making waves around the blogosphere. Because of the Singapore General Election 2006, and the famous Hougang Rally photo making its way through forums, chatrooms, blogs, thousands of Singaporeans have since visited Yawning Bread. Its a brilliant blog. Another blog with considerable viewpoints (balanced and partisan) is Air-Conditioned Nation, substantiated by good political analysis.

Of course, I have also been touched, impressed, and enlightened by the comments on Yawning Bread. One such example, is a comment from a particular entry.

In football tactics, this is like Bolton vs Barcelona. The PAP team are just long ball specialists. They always pass the ball to midfielder LHL who hits a long ball (Gomez brand) into the WP penalty box where GCK stands timber like. The others WKS, Jaya, HPK, MBT hope to feed on the knock downs by GCK. They should bring in subs Viv, Ray, Say for more variety.

WP has Ronaldinho magic oratory in LTK. He draws and electrifies the 100,000 crowd. Gomez who is not as fast on his feet as Eto and double the weight gets fouled and bruised all over but still gets up. But Gomez is fast with his brain and his mouth. Then there's goalie Sylvia organising the defence and initiating attacks with good throw outs.

The PAP goalie is LKY who may appear in the WP box for last minute corners. He was very good but being close to retirement he may be caught like Seamen in the last world cup by who else but Ronaldinho.

And surely the future belongs to the young guns of the WP in AMK, the Lionel Messi's showing flashes of brilliance and awaiting their day on center stage.

It is a suiting analogy, and it requires a comprehension knowledge of Singapore politics for one to fully grasp the might of the pen (in this case, the keyboard).

Classical American writer Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) once said, "Never pick a fight with a man who buys his ink by the barrel." The author of Yawning Bread, Au Waipang, is no journalist, yet, he sure has guts and wits (and thats all that it takes).


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