Friday, August 18, 2006

Singapore Digg-Based Blog Bulletin

With so many Singaporeans owning a blog nowadays, the Singapore Cyberspace (if there is such a term) have become cluttered with many many stories posted by our fellow Singaporeans, some exciting, some alarming, some boring, and some downright lame.

It is thus important to for Singaporean to easily seek out all the juicy and interesting images, stories, videos and podcasts floating around in cyberspace, to be entertained and to indulge in serious discussions.

Some Singaporeans before me, seeing the need for a fully democratic blog bulletin system, established sites based on the model. However, they have failed miserably, due to lack of stories and active users.
Instead of creating a clone based on the model, I intend to create an integrated online community, where all sorts of discussions and stories, including technology and politics which were seldom found on This site also aims to mould our youngsters and teenagers to be more political aware, so as to guarantee a more colourful political scene in the near future.

Would love to see a Singapore-based site taking off!

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