Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Game of Brinkmanship

Chess is a game of brinkmanship. It is a game that requires pure intellectual wit involving strategies, threats and bluffs. It is a game that amplifies the signifiance of the journey more than the destination. It is the game in the capacity of every word that can ever describe it -- mind-boggling, spectacular, intriguing, volatile, even fearsome. Indeed, these are immortal words for an immortal game. While a minor co-ordinate miscalculation may alter the trajectory of a starship by thousands of light years, a rash move on a chessboard is bound to have dire consequences. Imagine two opponents vying for every opportunity through focused deliberations and a pugnacious clash of tactics - there can be no doubt of its brinkmanship.

For now, its Kim Jong Il versus the rest of the world.
Will it be stalemate or checkmate? No one knows for sure.

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