Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things on my radar screen

This week seems to be an exciting week, so here's a list of things I am looking at:

Google Chrome
As a browser, Chrome is rock solid, and it runs impressively on older computers running Win XP. If you have not tried it out, I suggest you give it a spin. If you are stilling IE, please ditch it in place of Chrome. (CNET's somewhat bias JavaScript speed test shows Chrome being 65x faster than IE and 10x faster than Firefox.) 
Related news:
SquirrelFish Extreme (Webkit's new JS engine)

Adobe CS 4
Adobe has released its CS 4 suit of applications. Lightroom 2 is out too! Photoshop CS 4 comes with cool new features like the content-aware scaling/resizing, and smoother panning/zooming. GIMP already has the content-aware resizing feature, called Liquid Rescale.

I remember visiting the temporary one at San Franciso's Howard Street in Dec 2004. This news bring back memories.

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