Monday, April 14, 2014

Robert Schiller's Financial Markets

I enjoyed Robert Schiller's Coursera class on Financial Markets. Robert gives his students a broad overview of the principles behind finance, touching on a wide range of topics in contemporary finance such as stock markets, monetary policy and behavioral finance.

His course is more philosophical than it is technical, the pace is easy, and is well-suited for the man-on-the-street. His weekly introduction sets the learning expectations and as a bonus, gives us a window into the beautiful Yale campus. Robert Schiller is the 2013 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, and he puts his stature to good use -- inviting eminent weekly guest speakers such as Maurice Greenberg, Larry Summers and Carl Icahn. 

Robert is a keen proponent of finance, and he tries to dispel conventional myths popularized by the Occupy Wall Street movement. He argues that finance is a instrument of good, that both greed and selfishness are problems with society, not finance. The course gave me a more appreciative understanding of finance, and convinced me that finance is a creative invention of goodness and opportunity.

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