Tuesday, January 31, 2006


There is a certain movie trailer which has been showing repeatedly on television in the past few days... Apparently, Jet Li's last film, Fearless (Official Website, Wikipedia, IMDB), is out!

The complete movie trailer can be seen below... there are some really sleek moves, including the use of the 三节棍 (Three Section Staff).

Fearless is about the life of 霍元甲 (Huo Yuanjia) and tells the story of him rising in the martial arts world.

"I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only 16. I think I have proved my ability in this field and it won't make sense for me to continue for another five or 10 years. Huo Yuanjia is a conclusion to my life as a martial arts star." – Jet Li

Read more about Jet Li's viewpoint on his retirement from martial arts films. I think it makes sense for him to switch genre. A fresh change in perspectives is always enlightening.

Note: I am by no means a fan of Jet Li. I have not seen the film myself and I don't know how good it is. However, I certainly hopes that it lives up to the quality of the trailer. If you want to find reviews, you can check out a website like Flixster.

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