Saturday, January 14, 2006

Windows Live Messenger

I have got some Windows Live Messenger invites...
so if you want to beta-test Windows Live Messenger for Microsoft or try it for your own personal use, kindly contact HanWorks Research.

Notes: Windows Live Messenger is not compatible with the current version of Messenger Plus. Windows Live Messenger is still buggy in some aspects but stable in other aspects. Read their blog carefully. Some new features in Windows Live Messenger include expanding your contact list up to 600 contacts, renaming and searching of contacts, and dynamic grouping of contacts.



Anonymous said...

i wan a invite send to

Edgar GS said...

Please Send me one Invitation

My mail is or

Thanks and gretings from Mexico

mcbuddha said...

pls an invite! i would be very pleased!

Anonymous said...

Can you invite me?
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

can i have a invite if u could give me 1 i would be so hapy :)

Roel said...

I would really appreciate an invite to test the news windows live messenger

thank you

Anonymous said...

hi my name is joe
i would really really love an invite. my address is:
i would appreciate it so much, and i cant get one anywhere

Anonymous said...

hi my name is brett i would really love an invite my address is