Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Adobe Icons Sucks

Above, you can see the new Adobe icons, and the overwhelming opinion is that the icons sucks.
1. Having 2 letters (looks like a periodic table?) as an icon does not bring out the idea of what the application represents. Just by looking at the new Adobe Icons, how on earth am I suppose to know what is AE, Sb or En? They are meaningless.
2. Adobe has always pushed itself to be at the forefront of graphics design. Its kind of ironic and sad that the new icons do not reflect Adobe's vision.
3. What about non-english users? Chinese users are going to have a hard time deciphering which applications those icons represent. With a staggering 29 two-lettered symbols to familiarise with on the "wheel-o-icons", one is going to have a hard time.
4. Iconography should transcend culture and language. The "wheel-o-icons" appear to be "generated." The icons seem to be created by a programmer rather than a graphic designer.

Adobe should really do something, even the new Microsoft Office 2007 icons are intuitive.

Anyway check out Adobe Kuler, which allows you to explore colours. You can search, create and share colour themes online. Launch it now.

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