Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I have been looking at Alexa's Movers and Shakers (i.e. top 10 sites moving up and down in the traffic rankings) and I noticed that is one of them. I agree its a really cute site with cute pictures of animals [hamsters, kittens] (of all things!) They claim those are pictures that are "worth your internet browsing time" For one thing, the photos are certainly "cute". And its a blog!

It a typical case in point on how webpage popularity spreads. The webonomics of this: A blog is more easily found on Google, then lets say getting everyone to upload their "cute" photos to Flickr and tagging them via a unique name. [think Search Engine Optimisation & PageRank] (Note: someone decided to get everyone tag photos on Singapore to make a short film using the tag onesingaporeminute. The result is that some of the photos are non sequitur) Moreover, the photos go through a person (or persons) who takes on the job of "quality control." So the end-product? A cute webpage with cute quality photos.

Note: the webonomics article I hyperlinked above was written in 1996 (so its not so creadible now). I just conjured this word out of midair. Afterall, if there is Freakonomics, surely we are creative enough to join any word to economics.

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