Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Technorati's Result

Today's Technorati's results demand some explanation...

1. Wikipedia... even since some research report on wikipedia came out, and the furor over a supposed joke, and now .... we have more stories like the founder of wikipedia editing his own bio to get more credit, and co-founder Larry Sanger is now setting up a rival encyclopedia. Well, see more on digg (wikipedia)

2. "Jonathan Alter" is the ever popular (unpopular to politicians) guy on Newsweek, which I currently deem as not any better than TIME or The Economist. Of course... an issues of Newsweek cannot escape his famous Law of Media Oscillation. It goes like this...

"Under the Law of Media Oscillation, the only safe prediction is that a static, unchanging political narrative is impossible. Stuff happens in war and politics. And when it doesn't, the media will half-consciously rearrange all the atoms of emphasis and particles of story choice to make it seem so."

3. Bush is back on Technorati's top 10 (after a brief period of absence). [forever (in)famous]. We just need to read google news for the latest on him...

4. Transit Strike... no comment. read google news.

5. Ah... Christmas is fast approaching... Gentle reminder for myself to send ecards.

6. "King Kong" is the new movie by Peter Jackson, director of the highly-acclaimed LOTR. The movie is 3hrs and 7 mins (thats long) [according to IMDB]

7. Kristof [no comment]

8. NKF... People NOT in Singapore might be wondering what this is about... A little explanation must be suitable. NKF stands for National Kidney Foundation. The NKF Saga [as now called] by the local press... [etc]. ok. The public furor is over the release of the accounting report after the NKF lawsuit in which the CEO quit. Apparently, the findings are shocking. The Straits Time (a local newspaper owned by Singapore Press Holdings), has Mr. Durai's (the CEO) picture (full length from head to toe) on the newspaper front page, HOME section front page and 5 additional pages of full reporting in HOME section (promising even more details tomorrow). WOW... although we know that SPH was involved in the lawsuit... and won... but, and no but, to be politically correct, the public needs to know the truth... As I last checked, the NKF ranking on Technorati has moved up to no. 7th position.

9. No comment.

10. No comment.

Having said so much, let me tag them...
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