Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mass Communication & Politics

The winds of politics have also been affected by the advert of mass communication and the creation of a global village. Politicians are now more aware of the power of electronic communication such as the Internet as seen from the huge role it has played in influencing votes by engaging young voters. The bringing of many different groups together online to influence perspective and ideas has forced politicians to be aware of more mainstream views. In this regard, the fluidity of communication has also caused transatlantic political pressures to be considered as important in national policies and agendas. For instance, electronic communications brought scenes of horror and distraught during the Vietnam War to many countries around the world through newspapers and television. This influenced global opinion and had a pressing impact on politics in the United States. In retrospect, a problem in one part of the world can be brought across to many in other areas of this global village by means of mass communication.

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