Sunday, November 13, 2005 (Updates)

This is an update from the previous post (10 days ago).

We found that now has a new interface, which does not make use of framesets as it did previously. Currently, they also display ads on the left column. They also use AJAX. Some pages do not seem to work. I login and was greeted with a "The page cannot be displayed" IE error message.

It would seem that they have really replaced the whole interface. Their "old website" (using SquirrelMail), can be found at

They have also increase the number of invites. And yeah... HanWorks Research got some 30Gigs invites left. So if you want an invite (or even Gmail invites), contact us.

And I just discovered that the email on the top righthand column did not work because the Junk Mail filter was set to "Exclusive". I have corrected the mistake. Sorry for this.

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