Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Europe MPs urge Singapore to spare Australian's life

Its very interesting to see that Europe is now being pulled into this little issue where which has become slightly bloated (as inferred from the fact that it made to the bottom of Google News front page.)

Nguyen Tuong Van - the case for clemency? Apparently not, the government here says. Not surprisingly, the newspapers here has not given much coverage into this issue (besides the standard talk in The Straits Times' review pages and maybe forums). Take for example, today's The Straits Times paper only brought the issue up in page 17 (and classified it under "World News").

Personally, I believe that whatever much of lobbying international diplomats and politicians do, its very (99%) unlikely that the Singapore government will change her mind. To do so would present the image that the government is undecisive, and seen to be bowing to international pressure. Further more, taking into account the government long history of being firm and confident in whatever they do (the standard story being that they have studied the issue for a long time, weighed the issue heavily, looked at it from all angles, etc), it its even more unlikely that anything sudden will happen.

Having written so far, its fair to say that today's news will be tomorrow's history (no matter how much lobbying takes place.)

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