Sunday, November 20, 2005


Ya, there is much excitement about the recent release of VS.NET 2005. Since I know about this, I've been busy trying to do coding in Visual Basic 2005, which is vastly from what I learnt before, Visual Basic 6. The difference is not as vast as most people claim it to be, but VB2005 can prove to be troublesome for existing VB6 users as VB2005 proves to be needlessly Object Orientated. Those who have totally no idea how object orientated programming works may not be able to move to VB2005 successully.

To sum up the difference between VB6 and VB2005,
VB2005 made alot of things that were hard to do in VB6 a lot easier,
but VB2005 also made things that were easy to do in VB6 hard to do or disappear althogether.

Neverthless, i perservered, and came up with a totally new software, coded 100% in VB2005: Notepad.NET

Notepad.NET is a leading-edge text editor. Simply put, it gives a whole new meaning to the word "Notepad". Think of the simplicity of a standard windows notepad, and couple that with tons of useful features that you have never even dream of. Ideal for professionals and novices alike, this free software is a must for all notepad users out there.

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