Friday, November 25, 2005

MathML in Firefox

I just found out that to view Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) properly in Firefox, you need to download the fonts.

As for IE 6, external plugins are needed to view MathML properly.

And if you want to check if your browser can support MathML, go to this test page.
For list of supported browsers, see this.

For not-so-apparent reasons, IE always seems to have problems following W3C's recommendations. I wonder if IE 7 will support XHTML 2.0 and MathML (unlikely, Microsoft will most likely leave it to external plugins to "demonstrate" the "flexibility" of IE).

I just looked at the IE blog.

If I ever get to install IE 7... the first thing I will do is to find a way to fix that MSN Search to Google Search.

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Anonymous said...

The external plug-in for IE is called MathPlayer and can be downloaded from this URL.

Note: MathPlayer does a lot more than just let you view MathML. For example, it allows math content to be spoken with a screen reader (for folks who have visual disabilities).

(Disclaimer: I work for the company that makes MathPlayer. However this isn't indended as commercial content -- we distribute MathPlayer for free.)